Large Sphere Candle by Onno
Large Sphere Candle by Onno
Large Sphere Candle by Onno
Large Sphere Candle by Onno
The Sphere collection is characterised by its beehive shape and hand cut lateral carvings. The rich brown wax inside turns black when lit, becoming dark and sensuous, reflecting the dancing flame above. The coffee coloured glass allows the flame to glow through with orange and red hues perfectly recreating Onno's inspiration of aroma filled sunsets on the savannah. Choose between ZANZIBAR - Deep wood notes below fresh and fragrant herbal tones or SAFARI - A herbal fragrance with rich, woody and musk notes. This candle is handmade in Belgium with special pure wax and 100% cotton wicks and is delivered in a luxury black gift box.
Product details
  • Dimensions: √ė190 x H200 mm
  • Weight: 4500 g
  • Burn Time: 300 Hrs
  • Material: Glass
  • Brand: Onno
  • Collection: Sphere
  • Made in Belgium
  • Slight impurities may appear as part of the character of the product. Due to the hand pouring process of the wax, small imperfections may appear on the surface, these impurities will disappear once the candle is burnt. The hand crafted glass may also have small imperfections¬†which¬†results in two pieces never being exactly the same.
About Onno

Praised by leading interior designers and world-leading brands, ONNO candles are not just luxurious fragrances but stunning pieces of art intended to enrich the home and last long after the candles themselves burn out. Cotton wicks waver and glow through beautifully designed hand-cut glass, encapsulating the intense smells and colours of Afro-asia. Inspiration from Tanzania to Thailand have helped craft these unique fragrances in Grasse, France, the world's capitol of perfume. Onno have set about creating sophisticated, luxurious perfumes of sun-baked earth and luscious flowers that infuse your home with an inviting, intriguing yet exotic scent.

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