The expectation of sustainable interior design has come partially as a reaction to hyper-consumerism, as well as of course a wider consideration for our environment. We still want beautiful things to adorn our homes but we are more aware of where and how these things are manufactured, leading us to much smaller studios with more traditional and transparent production. Championing local artisans and craftsmanship has long been held as one way in which to counter mass production and pollution. Moving away from typically synthetic and plastic materials to more robust materials that can be sourced without negative affects on the environment and that are guaranteed to last. At IRORI we search the independent studios to find ceramicists who create pieces that hold up to modern standards of quality but that are produced in much more sustainable ways. This month we home in on Ismaël Carré.


Ismaël is a Lyonnaise ceramicist who works from his studio workshop in Toulouse, France. From a young age he has always enjoyed making things with his hands but it wasn't until a few years ago when a family friend happened to introduce him to ceramics that he became hooked, saying it was "love at first sight". 

Ismaël's preferred medium is liquid porcelain which he pours into handcrafted moulds. All the raw materials used to make porcelain (clay, silica and flint) are natural. They are widely available and found almost anywhere in the world. Extracting these materials has minimum negative impact on the environment and the manufacturing processes produce little waste. All the raw materials can be recycled, including the water used in the manufacturing process. Through vitrification porcelain is naturally impermeable even before glazing and thus extremely hygienic. It is also extremely durable and for this reason has been chosen for centuries to make beautiful useable homewares.

Ismaël uses an ornamentation technique called sgraffito, where the top layer of paint or in this case glaze is finely scratched away to reveal a contrasting pattern or colour below. Choosing vivid playful colours as his top layer his graphic patterns are etched to reveal, and contrast with, the striking white porcelain beneath. The upper edge of the colour is crisp and distinct where as the bottom edge subtly fades away. This visual contrast in colour is echoed in the feel of the pieces and an extra character trait we love. The lip and interior has a smooth clear glaze while the patterned coloured area is slightly rougher to the touch allowing the holder to really connect with the natural material.

Les Hauts Grades is a collection of simple cylindrical forms consisting of jugs, flower vases, cups and mugs. Each piece is hand crafted ensuring each piece has its own exact character, never having an exact duplicate. Proportions are ever so slightly exaggerated and symmetry not so important. Bold yet simple each piece is unique and very special, fitting into either rustic or contemporary homes.

The mugs are a generous size allowing you to hug with both hands warming them with a great cup of tea or coffee! The handle also accommodates this being placed characteristically higher than normal. Where the colour is added the surface is left matt and the feel of the clay on the hand allows appreciation of the natural material. The handle and lip are finished differently making it smooth and comfortable to drink from. Gather a set in the same colour or pattern or just mix and match. These make for a fun way to brighten and personalise your home. For ordering specific patterns/ colours/ numbers please contact and we can have them made to order or check here for the current stock.



The bottles come in three sizes and can be used either to hold drinks or as decorative pieces for plants or tall candles, or simply just as they are. Great as a present or an intriguing water jug at the dining table.

One of the more interesting shapes from the collection are the cup and spoon combinations. Designed to thread your spoon in and rest on top of the cup these are great for hot drinks and soups. The stem of the spoons are also sketched in the same colour and pattern as the cup creating a quirky pairing. As with the mugs the cups are generous and cosy in your hands. As with all pieces you can request custom patterns and colours by emailing us at


Simple and elegant, the flower vases are in themselves a piece of artwork, the design will stand strong under any flower, best suited to a few sprigs as opposed to the whole bouquet. We recommend putting one on your desk at work or vanity table at home to bring a little colour into your life. With their non conforming lines each vase has a slight bend which reflects the handmade essence of each piece and each stalk sits snuggly in its own wooden box base. Check out the full collection of Ismaël's work here.


Vase: £40.00 Mug: £35.00 Large Bottle: £85.00 Cup with Spoon: £40.00 Medium Bottle: £60.00






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