The dry grasses and cracked mud of the Serengeti, the spectacle of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the shimmering horizon, the wonder of Lake Tanganyika and the lush jungle foliage of the hot humid Zanzibar Archipelago, all melted together to exhilarate and inspire ONNO's founder Ilse Vandeputte in making her first collection of luxury candles. Ilse's aspiration was to somehow encapsulate her experiences in Tanzania, the spices and warm scents, the feeling of belonging and a sense of coming home.


ONNO candles and diffusers are visually remarkable and intriguingly tactile pieces of artwork which when lit produce impassioned home fragrances that truly transform a space. Evocative and for some reminiscent of the exotic, ONNO fragrances and collections are diverse and offer a variety of designs to choose from to aid in creating your own personalised space.



Wild and captivating. This invigorating perfume transplants you into the jungle, a blend of green freshness with a woody intensity and floral musk. 

Ginger Fig:

Subtle and invigorating. Packed with a sweet citrus punch and a spicy note that brings a luxurious scent to your space.


Rich and complex, an exquisite fragrance inspired by the natural Zanzibar landscape with deep wood notes below fresh and fragrant herbal tones.


Mysterious and earthy. The grassy tones along with an earthy musk make this an unforgettable unique scent. Slightly sweet and more feminine than Zanzibar.



The Sphere Collection is characterised by the unceremoniously cylindric lines hand-carved into the glass. The thicker glass looks almost black, while the containers' true brown hues are revealed where the glass has been carved away enough to let the light pass through.




As purely decorative pieces of art they are dark, sultry and organic, resembling layers of earth and fire and understandably inspired by the African continent. The brown wax takes the design that little bit further and really commits to the earthen design. As with all of ONNO's candles, once lit they come alive and intoxicate the senses. The cleverly designed glass which in this case allows for the orange and reds of the flame to glow through in a way that is reminiscent of the sun setting, recreates a mirage of the heat.

A more angular version of the Sphere is the Cubo collection. The almost  exoskeletal form cut with horizontal hexagons is heavily structured but still somewhat organic in its appearance.



The honeycomb effect diffuses the light beautifully and again creates the feeling of a warm African evening as the sun disappears in the distance. With either Sphere or Cubo you can linger there and with one of their uniquely African inspired fragrances will feel truly transported. This is one of the reasons we are passionate about these candles, each able to provoke not only your sense of smell, but are visually alluring, tactile and thought provoking. Perfect for creating that calm sensual atmosphere to relax in or a more mysterious and atmospheric one to host and entertain in.

The Elipse Collection, also taking it's inspiration from Tanzania, features finer vertical carvings like tall grasses or tree bark. The wide bowl shape offers the chance to truly appreciate another transformative affect of an Onno candle, when the melted brown wax becomes black and creates a deep endless pool reflecting the flames above. Perhaps one of ONNO's most organic designs, an Elipse candle will look right at home in a bright and airy room or a dark and atmospheric one surrounded by lush green plants.



Offered with its own unique scent, Phuket lotus, the Eternity Collection is quite the contrast. Much more understated but equally as luxurious this collection is characterised by a softer shaped amber glass vessel. Again hand cut with broad uniform vertical carvings and a distinctive saffron coloured wax this design really stands apart.

Phuket Lotus: Is a delicate fragrance with floral and fruity notes atop a sweet musk base. Find your zen with the relaxing scent of lotus, energising and invigorating.




Another Collection with it's own fragrance is the Royal Collection; intense in scent and intense in colour. If you like to follow trends then the Royal's dark cobalt glass will be a perfect accessory for those who are on trend and introducing this year's Pantone Colour of the Year, Classic Blue into their homes. The candles' blue wax melts and transforms into a deep reflective surface like a deep ocean or clear night sky. Together with it's Muse fragrance this collection really will captivate your senses.



Muse: A woody accord is lifted by the addictive and sensual warmth of spices. The heady combination of the patchouli and guaiac wood, warmed by the cinnamon, brings an irresistible fragrance to your interior, creating a carnal and seductive atmosphere.

After your fragrance has burned away the glass vessels continue as decorative artwork or can be used as a vase or centre piece (refills are available for diffusers). This longevity of use removes the need to throw it away once the scent has gone and ensures a more sustainable consumerism.

Come home to an ONNO fragrance. Unique, African and luxurious they will stir both the senses and the imagination.




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