The New Year brings a new chance to reset your mind and your goals; it’s the perfect time to assess your year and how you would like to improve things going forward. As we’ve mentioned before, your interior has the power to improve your wellbeing and with a new decade comes the opportunity for small changes that will help you both mentally and physically. While we don’t advocate for huge revamps here at IRORI, we do believe in the thoughtful application of high quality pieces that will allow you to live consciously. Here’s our tips on how to positively curate your interior for the New Year and we hope you all have a great start to yours.



Get your kitchen in order.

Your kitchen can be one of the most challenging rooms in your home, especially if you haven’t got a structure in place to keep things tidy. It’s the simple things that matter here and assessing your kitchenware situation will help to improve your workflow when it comes to cooking or cleaning. Replace old dishcloths with new organic cotton ones and invest in new tea towels to start the year right. If you’re looking to be more sustainable throughout the year, try the Insink Dish Wash by Ashley & Co which is both eco-friendly and plant based, as well as Beeswax Wraps which will help you to say goodbye to single use cling film.



Treat yourself to new textiles.

If you’re going to allow yourself one treat, a new cushion or throw will satisfy your shopping fix. Textiles are important as they make us feel at home and investing in handcrafted items that have been created with careful consideration will boost your mood and your sofa. Our pick for the year ahead is a piece from The Vintage Noon collection by AII whom repurpose beautiful materials that were once used and loved. The company was born from a passion for bringing unique personality to interiors but with an acute awareness for the environment. For something that will last a lifetime, try the Vintage Noon Canvas Cushion which is warm in colour and extremely versatile for any room or interior style.



Purchase fresh towels.

Moving on from decorative textiles, consider the ones you use on a daily basis too. If your towels are feeling slightly rough or have been worn down through usage, make way for some fresh ones, of course recycling those that you no longer need. The Exclusiv Bath Towels by Feiler are soft, fluffy and simple, but with a pop of colour in either a neutral or bright. You can mix and match colours to add personality or to suit members of the family. Feiler are the leading manufacturer worldwide of patterned chenille fabrics, creating designs that are classically unpretentious, classically modern and purely understated.



Organise your office. 

 Another area to focus on while undertaking a refresh is your office or working areas. Are they clean and organised? Do you know where everything is located? Having a structure and knowing where things are helps you to focus on the more important things at hand and taking the time to sort through old receipts and stationery will result in a more productive mindset. Start getting yourself in order with the simple but stunning Viitrini boxes by Iittala to store small stationery and clips as well as the wooden Viitrini tray to keep pens in a suitable place. 



Choose your New Year scent.

We’ve talked about the importance of scent before, especially when it comes to creating a calm interior, but if you still haven’t become enlightened to the benefits of home fragrance, now is the time. Choose a scent that is inspirational and creative for the new year such as the Rosemary Geranium & Sicilian Lemon Candle by Bamford. Inspired by English skies through the seasons, Bamford's candles are 100% natural and come in lidded glass vessels which have been individually mouth-blown by artisans using traditional techniques.



Don’t worry about it too much!

While starting the year on a positive note with a clean house and refreshed setup will certainly help you with a clearer mindset, there’s no pressure to do anything at all. We believe it’s the little things that matter and unless you are truly in need of something or would benefit from any of the above, do just enjoy the festive break and spend quality time with your loved ones.





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