Moving into a new house or changing up your environment is an exciting time. It’s a chance to have fun with a space and make it your own, but how do you truly make it feel like you? Your home is a direct extension of your personality but we believe it should be a place of wellness too. From the colours you use to the way it smells, there are always extra ways that you can bring your own sense of style to your interior design. 

IRORI is an online retail store centred around the home and as an extension, one’s wellbeing. From bedroom to headroom we believe in surrounding oneself in timeless and inspirational goods while celebrating the offerings from brands with a shared ethos. Here’s our tips on how you can make your home an extension of you.

Ignore trends

If you want a lesson in how to ensure that your home is truly you, here’s our first tip: ignore seasonal trends. Trends in colours, patterns and textures will come and go, but your own personal tastes won’t waiver too far. If you’re sticking to your roots anyway.

At IRORI we believe in curating space that holds high quality craftsmanship and long-lasting design; pieces that you’ll never grow tired of. Keep in mind your core style and values when designing your home and you’ll never feel out of place. 

Choose colours that make you feel happy

Colours represent who you are as a person and can have an effect on how you feel too. There are many different studies out there that focus on colour psychology but ultimately how you perceive a colour can be quite personal. 

Think about the colours that make you feel calm, cosy and welcomed; all the things you want to feel when walking through your door. Your personal fashion taste is likely to be similar to how you want your home to be. Always wearing neutral colours? Try similar hues for your walls, adding colour via throws, cushions and decorative accessories.


Style it your way

Furniture and styling are slightly harder to get right when it comes to making a home work as a representation of you. Humans have various interests and passions, so working this into an interior design scheme while keeping the look cohesive can be hard.

Create a mood-board before you purchase items and see how things work before settling on them. You can always purchase different sets of dinnerware to mix and match at the dinner table, or switch up your textiles to satisfy the different interior style that you’re drawn to.

Keep mementoes that remind you of your travels

A great way to see inside someone’s head is via the objects they have in their home. Trinkets and souvenirs tell tales of experiences and journeys; a look at the past and the present. The experiences you have tell a story and making them a part of your interior decorations lets others in on the narrative. It’s great for someone to be able to walk into your home and really feel like it represents the person they see before them. 

The Viitrini Tray and Viitrini Box by Iittala are ideal for showing off your wares. Simply place them on a coffee table or desk and you’ll be able to see some of your most loved possessions all the time.

Hang photos!

Photos and artwork are another way to evoke happy thoughts and show your personality. Hang photos in innovative ways throughout your space, or simply place them in design-led photo frames on your window sills or mantlepiece. If you’re looking to improve your personal wellbeing, this is the perfect way to bring a smile to your face.

Credit: Emma Jane Palin

Make your home smell like you

Home fragrance is a vital part of making a home feel like you. We associate scents with memories and your signature scent should fill your home from top to bottom; you want to feel instantly at home if you return from a tough day at work. Candles and room diffusers are the most suitable way of filling your home with fragrance. Try the Waxed Perfume Candles from Ashley & Co for a unique angle. Inspired by each of the brand’s signature scents, these candles tell their own story and might just match your personality.

Title image: 2LG Studio




IRORI is an online retail store centred around the home and as an extension, ones wellbeing. From bedroom to headroom we believe in surrounding oneself in timeless and inspirational goods and encourage this by bringing together brands that have the highest standards of quality both in design and craftsmanship. Shop our curation of goods here.