When you’re thinking about the interior design of your home, what is it that springs out as important to you? The wall colour? The sofa? The lighting? From the flooring to the tableware, there’s one thing that we’re absolutely sure of – your home should be a soothing and calm environment that makes you feel rested and relaxed.

We’re sure that you’ve walked into a room before and felt instantly at ease and while there is no tried and tested formula for making your home calmer, there’s certainly a few things that we believe will help to make a difference. Whether you’re a die hard minimalist or someone who likes to fill their home with accessories, here’s our tips on how to create a calm interior that’s designed to last.

Give the space room to breathe.

A messy home is never good for the soul – we all know the feeling after a good clear out. An uncluttered space offers a calm retreat for you to focus on whatever is at hand, without distractions to steer you away. This doesn’t mean you need to have a home void of personality, it just means that you need to take a little time to declutter, dust and rearrange. Even a maximalist can enjoy clean-lined interiors!

Credit: Bergman & Mar


Choose organic textiles.

You may think that buying higher quality textiles is a waste of money but the benefits far outweigh the steeper price point. We spoke in detail about this recently in our guide to improving your wellbeing via interiors. Natural and organic materials help you to sleep better or sit still for longer without becoming irritated or perspiring. In turn this can improve your skin, hair and energy levels. What’s not to love about that? Pair crisp white linen sheets with a pure virgin wool blanket from Pendleton for the ultimate calming bedroom.


Credit: AAI Made with Love gold throw


Make your lighting ambient.

Strategic lighting can easily help you to get in the mood for relaxing; it’s all about being able to tweak the space. Incorporate general, task and accent lighting into your home so that you can play around depending on how you’re feeling. The Leimu Lamp by Iittala will provide the perfect cosy accessory, mimicking the glow of candlelight while adding a stylish and streamlined touch to your aesthetic.


Leimu lamp from Iittala


Display peaceful artwork.

A great tactic to creating a calm interior aesthetic is to display artwork and photographs that take you to a place reminding you of a happy time. Those details have the ability to sooth and allow you to unwind. Think artwork that celebrates peaceful landscapes or photos of your family - these small details can make all the difference to how you react to your space.


Image credit: Dolores Phelps


Add a touch of decadence.

For some, relaxation stems from the feeling of indulgence and the idea of treating yourself. You know that feeling of staying in a hotel? We believe that there’s no reason that your home shouldn’t make you feel this way too and by adding small decadent touches, you can make a night at home feel just as restoring. Choose body care products that reflect what you would find in a hotel or spa and don’t forget to look at the properties of each beauty item too. For example, the Tui & Kahili Mini Bar by Ashley & Co is a decadent hand & body cleansing bar with goat's milk and Manuka honey to stop you feeling angry and your skin irritated. Can we take three?


Body care from Ashley & Co


Reach for your favourite scent.

Your home fragrance is very important you know! Smell is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to reliving memories and taking you away to another time. We all have those triggers when we smell something that reminds us of a time in our life. Burn your favourite candles to help bring a sense of calm or use a home perfume if you want a waft of your favourite scent all the time. We’re currently burning the Elements Air Candle by Tom Dixon on repeat.


Home scent from Ashley & Co


Bring in the outdoors.

Establishing a connection with the outdoors within your interior will help to escalate a calming space. It’s our natural reaction to feel more relaxed when we feel like we’re in fresh air (another pro for a decluttered space). Incorporate greenery where you can and pop fresh flowers into your favourite vases on a weekly basis. Glass vases like the Ruutu Vase by Iittala are a great choice as they will also bounce natural light around the room.


Alvar Aalto vase from Iittala




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