If you are anything like us you are thrilled to see the sun! Winter seems to be over (officially not for another 4 days) but you've also probably been impatiently waiting for it to end and in many cases suffering from it.

Over an extended period of time the constant grey can make us feel lethargic, dulled and hard to energise. For many it can feel far worse with research showing 1 in 3 Brits suffer with S.A.D. Our emotional health as well as our physical health can really take a hit this time of year. So what can we do to help boost our wellbeing?  

"There isn't an equivalent for the word 'home' in French; it's roughly translated to 'chez soi' which means 'at yours'. Your home is a true reflection of yourself and a sanctuary for you to retreat to"

           - Sophie Elbourne 

This was the exact question asked to Sophie Elbourne, designer at Kitesgrove, at this year's Decorex design talks. Her response spoke to an overall "sense of comfort", the creation of space that is comfortably and completely you. Essentially saying that by creating your own space, reflecting who you are and appealing to all your senses of touch, sight, smell etc you can create a space that is truly uplifting.


We thought about this concept of not only making a place comfortable, but the very act to comfort and how this relates to restoring a sense of physical well-being in your home. What says comfort more than waking up, boiling the kettle, opening the windows and curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and a comforting blanket?


In this journal we showcase some of the blankets and throws from the brands we love. We cover the comfort, its just up to you to find the one that best reflects your personality, whether that's contemporary Scandinavian, vibrant or other.





A world renowned Swedish brand with over 140 years experience, Klippan is synonymous with high quality home textiles. As part of their philosophy they only use natural fibres in their products such as linen, cotton and wool.

Wool products are climate-smart. They are healthy, durable, moisture absorbent, both dirt and odour resistant and biodegradable!

A culture of environmental awareness within the company has seen Klippan working towards a friendlier and more environmentally sustainable production process. The wool is carefully chosen based not only on quality but on animal welfare standards also. The production from start to finish takes place at their own factory in Sweden, allowing full control over quality and making sure to minimise the negative affects of production on the environment. 

Elk Blanket

Klippan have drawn on the imagination and graphic design skills of Bengt Lindberg and Lotta Glave, more commonly known as just Bengt & Lotta, for many years. The Elk, Sheep and Polar bear are instantly recognisable and still as popular as they were almost 20 years ago.

The iconic animal motifs are a Klippan staple. A simple and quirky stamp on what is otherwise a high quality elegant blanket made from 100% lambswool.

Large and weighty with a more coarse wool we guarantee once you wrap yourself up in one of these you will not want to come out. (The reversible design means you can also refresh your interior simply by alternating which side is on show!)

Samba Throw

Designed by Birgitta Bengtsson Björk and made from 100% brushed lambswool the Samba throw is super soft and is recognisable by the mosaic weave pattern of interlacing block colour and white wool. The white wool extends beyond the edges to form long tassels on two adjacent sides. The pastel colour selection really lends well to modern contemporary homes.

Diamonds Eco Wool Blanket

One of the reasons we are excited by Klippan and choose to work with them is that even after 140 years they are still looking to improve their eco-awareness and production. These Diamond blankets are soft and cosy, have beautifully finished edges and are made with 100% Eco-wool.

By using Eco-wool they support the local economy while reducing the carbon footprint and ensure that the sheep's welfare is as important as the end result. To be certified Eco the breeding and handling of the sheep and wool must meet specific requirements. No trace of pesticides are allowed in the wool. The animals must be given only natural food and the use of antibiotics is strictly regulated. The sheep are not harmed nor is mulesing an accepted practice. 




Pendleton Woollen Mills is an American textile manufacturing company based in Oregon, United States known for their blankets and woollen clothing. 

The blankets are versatile and can be worn in true American fashion just hanging from your shoulders, draped across a sofa or as a bed spread.

In the earliest years of Pendleton, Joe Rawnsley, who was considered a gifted talent on the jacquard loom, spent time with local tribes in northeastern Oregon to understand preferences of colour and design. He would then interpret the ideas gleaned from Indigenous peoples into blanket designs.

Other influences for their blankets, pillows and clothing have come from the natural beauty of the North American continent as well as the country's unique settlement history during the Westward expansion.

National Park Blankets

Since the early 1900s, Pendleton has used some of the United States' largest natural treasures as inspiration for a collection of National Park Blankets. Each of these have a Pendleton label signifying their authenticity and a special woven label with the park name and image of an important natural feature.

This dark blue blanket with striking orange and yellow lines is inspired by the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, which as it's name implies is home to the Grand Canyon and some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The predominantly yellow blanket on the other hand, with thick blue stripes is named after Yellowstone National Park, home to the majestic Bison. These blankets are perfect for those of you who want to encourage vibrancy and colour in your homes.

Pendleton Camp Blankets

Great favourites around the campfire and in front of the fireplace, these are a little more subdued in colour, made with much more earthier tones. Soft, durable wool and iconic stripes are woven in rustic patterns that work inside and out.

The striped designs are inspired by more recent history and by the ombre blankets that cowboys carried on their saddles. They would roll them out when setting up camp after a long day's ride. We suggest you ditch the horse and just curl up with one after a long day at the office.

Jacquard Blankets

Pendleton have been producing blankets, robes and shawls for Indigenous tribes since the company was first established. Today, Pendleton is deeply connected to the Native American population and this is especially apparent in some of their Jacquard designs.

As part of the indigenous cultures, blankets are passed down from generation to generation and often given as gifts. This really resonates with us at IRORI as these ancient cultures embody a non wasteful practice. Putting value in quality, living respectfully within nature and cherishing products that last forever. 


The Peaceful Ones Blanket

A beautiful example of Pendleton's indigenous jacquard designs is this large "peaceful ones" blanket. The design is based on an embroidered manta, the garment worn by Hopi women in ceremonies to bring tranquility and harmony to the entire world. The peach and blues side by side in geometric patterns give it much character but all the while being peacefully symmetric and calming.


Fire Legend Blanket

Another stunning interpretation of the indigenous aesthetic and a contrast  to the calming Peaceful ones is this Fire legend blanket. As it's name implies, this design is vibrant and alive with colours reminiscent of flames. It tells of the story of a hero who disguised himself as a rabbit to steal fire for his tribe. This design really activates ones imagination and energises a room.





Founders Annemarie & Sandra are a Dutch duo really meeting the challenge of sustainable design head on by choosing to work with purely natural, vintage or recycled materials. By using materials that were once used, and loved, but then disregarded and thrown away, the ladies have given them a second life, and a second chance to be loved.

Taking cues from their travels in South East Asia and the materials themselves the ladies have created collections with unique personality. Materials such as grasses, canvases or organic cottons are all very tactile meaning that with each caress, or AAI in Dutch, you truly get a feel for the material's history. We think this is great response to sustainable living and a beautiful sentiment to fill your home with.

Sustainability is incorporated throughout every possible step of the production process, from the conditions on the work floor to the selection of materials and manufacturing process.


Organic Cotton Throws

Generously sized these organic cotton throws from the Vintage Noon and Indochine Mornings collections are deceptively light. They can be used as towels in the bathroom or on the beach, or as throws in the living room or bedroom. Each embroidered with a fine golden line to add that little extra character and nod to the South East Asian influences.


As a contrast the Indochine Mornings Linen Throw is weightier with its tassels and edging making it an excellent table cloth or picnic blanket. Alternatively the soft textured plaid in its greenish grey colour is a beautifully earthy addition to your interior over a chair or across the bed.



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