Changing our interior space can give us a boost in mood and productivity, but it’s impractical to undergo renovations every month. One of our recommendations for improving your wellbeing is to refresh a new area in your home every so often; something small such as a set of shelves or even a cupboard. One of the main areas you might want to focus on is the coffee table. After all, it’s something we generally see a lot of whether watching television or hosting guests. Here’s our tips on how to style the perfect coffee table as well as our own top coffee table decor to top yours with!

Style in odd numbers

It’s likely that you may have heard of the rule of three but if not, the basic principle is that objects look better when styled in groups of, you guessed it. three. You can style three different sizes of the same type of object or a selection of decor that’s still cohesive in appearance. The same visual effect of balance works with other odd numbers, so leave your symmetry elsewhere when it comes to the coffee table.

Add some height

It’s important to consider different heights of decor to create an interesting feature on your table. This is where vases with freshly cut flowers come into the equation, or large candles. Do keep in mind that you don’t want anything to take over your table, so working with scales that complement one another is vital. Bear in mind that a coffee table is also typically central to the room, so you don’t want to block the TV or family and friends from conversing.

Balance your decor

You don’t want your coffee table arrangement to look weighted or off-balance. Consider this visually for colour and texture too. Keep in mind that a small candle will look odd next to a tall vase, as much as a lot of blue decor on one side compared to red on the other will too. We recommend placing the tallest or roundest item in the centre of the table and styling around it. This will depend on the style and size of the coffee table you own of course, but experiment with what looks right.

Use books and trays as a platform for layering

If you need to break your coffee table up, trays and the tops of your books are a great way to add layers to your styling. Adding a single decorative object to the top of a book can seriously make all the difference! Little trays will add texture and new colours to your table, plus can be shifted around into new arrangements very easily.

Show your most special items!

When we’re talking about improving wellbeing via your interior, many of our tips derive from showcasing the things that make you who you are. With the coffee table such a pivotal piece in your home - many guests will see this the most during a stay or visit - here’s your chance to really show off your most treasured pieces. Think about your most loved ceramics, favourite candles and favourite coffee table books. These all represent who you are and how you want to present yourself.


Shop IRORI’S favourite coffee table styles:


Flora Short Neck Vase by Holmegaard | £49.99

The Flora vase was created by award-winning designer Louise Campbell and was specifically designed with a minimalist flower arrangement in mind. Mix and match it with other small vases.

Vitriini Tray by Iittala | £33.00

Trays are an easy accessory for your coffee table and will hold all of those little bits that end up hanging around. This specially designed tray by Iittala is the perfect holder for your Vitriini boxes too!

Eclectic Orientalist Candle Large by Tom Dixon | £99.00

Candles make the mood and ambience of a room, so placing a few on your coffee table will set the tone for a cosy evening in. The Orientalist  candle by Tom Dixon captures the faint memory of an Indian wedding with rose petal garlands, giant cinnamon sticks on beach stalls and the musky smells of the Chinese herbal market.

Luna Vase by Kinto | £25.00

The Luna Vase by Kinto is another single-flower vase perfect for your coffee table. It features a brass plate that gently shines and reflects light – the ideal minimalist addition. The plate supports leaves of plants and is also suited for enjoying hydroponic growing of succulents.

Vitriini Box (Sea Blue) by Iittala | £45.00

We’ve spoken before about the beauty of Vitriini boxes but these versatile pieces really are the perfect way to display precious mementos. Place photos, matches or even sweets in them to keep your coffee table interesting.

Maggy Catbox by Augarten | £256.00

If there’s anywhere you can put a decorative piece, it’s the coffee table. This porcelain cat box is brought to you by the 300-year-old porcelain manufacturer AUGARTEN and MOSTLIKELY, and works both as functional storage and a beautiful piece of objet d’art.




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